Colby West


Name: Colby West
Sport: Ski
Warren Miller Destination: Mamoth

What does it mean to you being part of a Warren Miller movie?

It’s the biggest and the best! I love that they are willing to listen to me and incorporate my comedic ideas. I like mixing the comedy with skiing.

What is special about "Ticket to ride"?

It’s got a great theme. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the athletes did this year.

What was the best moment while filming the Warren Miller Ticket to ride?

Wearing ninja outfits and pretending to fight. We didn’t do a great job of it, but we had
a great time.

What was your funniest experience in the snow?

I would have to say, any day that I get to ski with PK Hunder or Russ Henshaw. Those
guys are so much fun and hilarious. Never a bad time with them.

How did you get professional?

I slept in my car for two years, trying my hand at competing until I finally did
decently. Then it was easy from there.

When you ́re down, what ́s your No.1 motivation song?

Anything by The White Buffalo. My favorite is “Stunt Driver” right now.

What gives you the most power for going to shred?

Monster in the morning! Woo! Gets the energy going.

Do you have a recommendation for up growing talents?

I love watching Torin Yater Wallace ski. He isn’t exactly and up-and-comer these days,
but he is still very young. I am excited to see what happens in his career. Also, Aaron Blunk.
He is going to be really good in the next few years.

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